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US - History 9 Interview Project 2019: MLA 8 Citations

2019 Update

MLA 8th Edition

On this page you will find links to details which will help you ensure that you have cited all of your research and sources accurately.  A good researcher always cites his/her sources immediately and accurately in order that he/she need not return later for bibliographical information  or indeed loses track of where he/she accessed information and/or ideas.

The MLA Style Center

MLA Handbook Eighth Edition

Screencast on formatting Works Cited page in Micosoft Word

The core elements of an entry in your Works Cited page:

"Works Cited: A Quick Guide." The MLA Style Center Writing Resources from the Modern Language Association, The Modern Language Association  of America, Accessed 28 Feb. 2019.




A Brief Introduction to EasyBib

MLA 8 Sample Works Cited Page

The Hanging Indent

When you looked at the sample works cited page above, you likely noticed that the second and subsequent lines of a works cited entry are indented five spaces.  This is required.  The following two videos will explain one way that you can create this hanging indent whether you are using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Note that there are a number of ways though to set up hanging indents.

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