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US - History 9 Interview Project 2019: Books (ZIS US)

2019 Update


Skimming and Scanning

Check out this  link from the University of Toronto's English Language Learning Program.  This document outlines the differences between skimming and scanning as well as highlighting why these skills are so important to you as you collect a wide range of print and online sources.

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Advanced Search

This page highlights just a few of the print resources available in ZIS Library that you may use when researching your work on the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.  These resources have been placed an hold and are on the trolley in your classroom.  Remember that in addition to the print resources, you should be accessing further information from other academic sources online.  These may be accessed through the Webpath Express feature on our library catalog.  While this is linked here, it is also always available in the left column of the catalog.  

Why do you want to use Webpath Express before the internet? Because this is curated information.  The results have all been suggested by teachers and other academics.

Search Tips

As our ZIS  library has a small collection compared to a public library such as the Zentral Bibliothek in Zurich, when doing a  catalog search on Destiny do not enter too many search terms. Initially, do the search broadly with terms such as


"scientific revolution"

Once you have a broad overview of the terms you may then include more specific terms such as important contributors to the time period:


And finally you might try being even more specific to narrow your results


By following this order you will not miss more general books on the topic that include sections on your search term. 



Nonfiction on the Shelves

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