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US - History 9 Interview Project 2019: Databases & Online Resources

2019 Update

Library Databases vs Search Engines


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You should be accessing further information from other academic sources online.  These may be accessed through the Webpath Express feature on our library catalog.  While this is linked here, it is also always available in the left column of the catalog.  You  want to use Webpath Express results becasue they have been curated by teachers and other academics.  For example, check out the Webpath Express reuslts on a search for John Locke below.  These .edu and .org sites are just a few of the useful hits to begin your research on John Locke.  No matter who you are researching Webpath Express is a good place to start. 

       Webpath Express                       



Remember that you must already be logged in on the library catalog in order for this link to work.                                                                                                                                                        



Library Databases

Library subscription databases will take you to academic information on your Enlightenment Thinker.  On the  Library Homepage you can browse the databases to find the ones that are most relevant to searching for biographical and historical information.  For example, you will find useful articles from academic journals in the following.  Remember that if you are accessing these databases from home you may need a password which you will also find on the Library Homepage along with the link to the database. In addition to our databases, we also have access to the History Today archives.  Though not a database the archives store excellent scholarly articles from the History today magazine.

History Today
Historical topics. Access the archives of this historical journal.


Britannica School



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Need help? See the "How to Search JSTOR" guide.

Access World News: Newsbank

Sample Webpath Express Reults for a search of John Locke

Webpath Express is an educational search tool that curates information and gives more academically sound results than some other search engines.  You can find Webpath Express on our ZIS library catalog. 

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