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ZIS LS Research Hub: Giving credit

Research and Inquiry guidance and support

Ethical use

Using other people's work ethically

Students will

  • understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it
  • understand when it is ok to use the work of others
  • know they have an obligation to give credit by citing their sources

Giving credit

How do you cite a source?

As a writer it is your ethical responsibility to provide citations for your sources. This is called a Bibliography or Works Cited page. It should include all the books, images, videos and interviews you use in your work. It is best to keep track of your sources as you work.


  • It should be in ABC order by the first word or name
  • It should be on the last page of your presentation or report
  • At ZIS we use MLA format. Click here for more information.
What tools can I use to help me?
    Makes citation for you!
  • Quick Guide
  • Quick guide



Choose a license for your workChoose your own license


What is plagiarism?

Using the ideas of others as if they were your own is plagiarism.

  • Copying words from a website and saying you wrote it.
  • Copying someone else's work and calling it your own.

Why do we need to cite the work we use?

  • It avoids plagiarism
  • It shows respect for other people's work

When is it ok to use someone else's words or ideas?

  • When you use quotation marks around the words you use and give a citation.
  • When you use someone else's ideas or words to help you say something in your own words and you provide a citation
Plagiarism 101 with year 6 by Diane McKenzie CC 3.0


How do I know what I can use?

Copyright is a legal system that protects your rights to your creative work. Did yoknow thawhen you create something, you automatically own the copyright? It is your intellectual property. This gives you alone thright to do the following with your work

  • Make a copy
  • Distribute your work
  • Perform your work in public (plays, songs etc.)
  • Make modifications to your work 

For guidelines at ZIS click here

For more information click here.


Works Cited

With thanks:

Copyleft by Danieldanieldaniel CC by SA 3.0

Plagiarism 101 with year 6 by Diane McKenzie CC 3.0

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