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ZIS LS Research Hub: Tuning In

Research and Inquiry guidance and support

Students will be able to...

  • identify focus and topic for inquiry
  • connect with what I already know
  • develop keywords and synonyms and questions
  • make a plan to gather and record information

What do you think about...?

Wondering and tuning in to an inquiry

How do I plan my time?

Managing your time

Gmail tasks

  • You can create a tasks list using your gmail. You can find it under the MAIL icon
  • You can add a due date to keep you on trackGoogle task list


  • You could use your google calendar to add events and reminders. Sharing your calendar works well when working in a collaborative group.

What do we need to know?

Developing questions

  • Questions help you to focus your inquiry. 


  • Write down or draw your ideas about a topic 
  • Organize your information into categories

Creating a mind map

  • Put the main idea in the middle
  • Create branches for your ideas
  • Use pictures or symbols




Why is this important..?

Types of questions

Open ended questions lead to deeper research.

Skinny questions (closed)

  • give you basic facts
  • give you yes or no answers

Fat questions (open ended)

  • take a lot of information to answer
  • explain why or how
  • make connections, predictions, or comparisons. EX. Why did...?, What would happen if...?, What caused...?



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