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ZIS LS Research Hub: Creating and sharing

Research and Inquiry guidance and support

Analyzing information

Using information

Students will be able to

  • think critically about the information they find
  • evaluate and apply strategies to check information 
  • summarize their findings in their own words
  • use the information they found to create something new 

How to quote, paraphrase and summarize

When you use information to create something new, it is important to be able to put it into your own words. 

How do I know my information is accurate?

When you are sorting the information you found it is important to that your facts are accurate, up to date and true.

Who? What? When?

These are great questions to begin to test if a website is trustworthy.

What clues tell me 

  • The author is an expert
  • The site is run by a respected organization
  • I got the link from a site I trust


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