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OER - Open Educational Resources, Places to Start

Places to Start

Finding OER - Places to Start

There are a multitude of OER available online to choose from, including full textbooks and courses, lessons and units, multimedia resources, and data. These can be found through a search of  popular search engines like Google, though it is easier to search and discover them through dedicated OER repositories or libraries. Below is a sampling of such repositories and libraries.

Aggregated OER Collections

  • Hippo Campus - Multimedia content on general education subjects for middle-school and high-school teachers and their students.
  • Khan Academy - Short lessons in the form of YouTube videos and practice exercises.      
  • OER Commons - A public library of OER with tools for content authoring & remixing. Also provides  collaborative workspaces for creating, curating, and discussing OER.

Open Media Collections

Open Data Collections

  • - Comprises U.S. federal data with links to U.S. states, cities and counties with web sites that provide open data. Note that non-federal data available through may have different licensing than open licensing.           
  • World Bank Open Data - Global development data that is free and openly licensed.         
  • PLOS - Science and medicine research articles with images, figures, tables and graphs, all licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license that allows for adaptations and derivatives.


Open Textbooks                                                                      

  • CK-12 - Standards-aligned open textbooks in the STEM subject for K-12 students.                                
  • OpenStax Textbooks - AP-level open textbooks spanning multiple subjects that are developed and peer-reviewed by educators.

Open Lessons and Units

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