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Caught Reading This Summer!


There are SO MANY great places to read -

  • on the beach, under a tree or in a hammock.
  • in a bookshop, in a gallery or museum, in a park, or at your favorite cafe,
  • in a garden, under a blanket, in a tent, or by the pool.
  • on a plane, train, bus, car, boat/ferry, tram, or funicular.
  • in a comfy chair by a window (with or without your pet), at your cousin’s or grandparent's house, on a mountain top... 
  • and of course in a library! 

You can read just about anywhere.  

We hope to catch you reading this summer.  Wherever you are in the world, be sure to snap a photo of yourself reading and share it with me.  It will be fun to share what you're reading and where you're reading.  I’ll share them all when we return next school year.  Please remember to Include “Caught Reading” in the e-mail's subject heading. 

Important Reminder From the MS Library

As the  school year is quickly coming to an end, the Middle School Library has a few reminders for students and parents.



This site is full of summer reading suggestions.  In addition to suggestions from Ms. Maley, remember your assigned community reads for each grade level .  Be sure to visit the library and stock up for the summer, you may check out up to 10 books for the summer.



copyright:  Alice Jamieson


If you have received an e-mail from the  Library stating your book is overdue there are a few options.  First, if you have finished reading it, return the book (there may be another student waiting for that title) then select another one to read over the summer.  If you have not finished reading the book, you can renew it and then finish those last few chapters.  Students are allowed to check-out up to 10 books once their account is cleared of any item that is overdue.    If you've lost a book, we ask you to pay a replacement fee.  However, we will reimburse this amount if you find the book before the end of the school year.


The ZIS Middle School has a variety of digital material available through the Destiny Catalog as well as on Sora and  Flipster (electronic magazines).  Materials can be downloaded directly to tablets or other electronic devices.  Flipster allows readers access to a wide variety of magazines and features back issues and hyperlinks within articles to further investigate a particular issue or topic. 

Summer Reading Suggestions

Summer Book Recommendations 

Our library has thousands of books and we are continually adding new titles.  You can find mystery, adventure, fantasy, realistic, graphic novels and more!    Come in, check-out one of the new ones or an old favorite.  Here are our recommendations for this summer:

Battle of the Books Champions

We are on a winning streak at ZIS!  Congratulations ZIS for taking the Battle of the Books Championship three years in a row.  Over 40 students participated to represent ZIS in the Championships and our winning team went up against other International School to claim the top honor.  Battle of the Books (BOB) is a reading challenge for our Middle School students meant to inspire a love of reading.  Students form teams, read the selected books, and compete in a friendly game-style competition with other Swiss International Schools.  Visit the library to find out how to get involved.

Middle School Destiny Catalog

Teacher Librarian

Welcome to the Middle School Resources page of the Secondary Library online.  I'm looking forward to working closely with you as you continue to grow as a reader and as you explore all the wonderful resources we have to offer.   

Linda Maley

Middle School Librarian

Here's what I'm currently reading:

Dry by Neal Schusterman

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