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G4 Planet Earth: The Earth Changes

How the Earth is shaped

Great resources from your library

Why does the Earth look the way it does?

VIDEO How the continents were formed told through a pop up book.

What is the Earth made of?

VIDEO Earth was born. This video tells how and what the Earth is made of


How mountains are made

Tectonic Plates

VIDEOTectonic plates and what happened to the Earth's surface

Plate tectonics

The Ring of Fire

Rocks and fossils show the history of the Earth

What is the Earth's crust like?
VIDEO Bill Nye describes the Earth's crust

Moving water shapes the land

How North America got it's shape

What changes the Earth's surface?

How does water change the surface of the Earth?
VIDEO Help for students and teachers in understanding why water matters in learning about the Earth and it's processes

Natural Hazards

How do natural hazards change the surface of the Earth?
VIDEO Explaining the terms  and giving examples for students to understand this concept

List of Natural Hazards


WEBSITE National Geographic Erosion
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