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US - English 10 Migration Unit: Home

This research unit


This Libguide will support your English 10 study of European Migration.  Please see the unit objectives below.  On this home page you will find links to the unit assignments.  The links to the unit assignments and the accompanying articles can be found on the Home and European Migration tabs above.  Further tabs include a wide range of links to reading and video as extension for you to increase your background of the topic. Good luck with the assignments as you hone your critical analysis and researching skills.

Step 1: Research Unit

Unit Objectives:

  • To read and analyze nonfiction sources on the issue of immigration to Europe

  • To apply an efficient process to academic research

  • To record source information in notes

  • To cite sources correctly in writing via the MLA format

  • To use persuasive strategies in writing

  • To use research information to support a position on a controversial issue in writing.

  • To apply skills learned this year and in this unit as we work through this unit, step by step.

  • To keep a digital vocabulary notebook as you read, adding at least seven entries per week of study (hint: focus on words that appear important to the subject!)


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Step 2: Background Readings and video

Working as a pair, read and take notes in an organized, two-column format as per the method your teacher has shared with you, recording source data and titling each page of notes. Summarize the notes in a sentence or two at the bottom of each page of notes. Read/view from this list of articles and answer the questions below for discussion.  Don’t forget to keep up with your Vocabulary Log for the week!!

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Step 3: Immigration Research Unit

As a pair, split up the reading below between the two of you.  Read closely and take notes just as you did for Step 2.  Don't neglect key vocabulary - continue to add to your vocabulary chart.  Discuss each piece together and share notes.  Once you have finished reading and discussing the six articles, swap partners with another pair and share your notes and understanding of the same articles.  Use the discussion questions below as a guide for discussing each article.

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Step 4: Issues in Society

Individually, choose three pieces each to read, for a total of six as a team. Take notes as usual. Share each, including notes, and discuss the pieces. Connect the facts and opinions, as well as any possible bias noted in the piece, to your understanding of the issues so far. In addition to questions from the previous parts, consider the following connection questions:


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Step 5:

Part Five – Research & Application of Research


Directions: Choose a country whose immigration situation is an interesting case study or intriguing challenge.  This country may be in Europe or in a region in which you have a vested interest. Take notes in the usual format and write a brief (3-4 sentence) summary at the bottom of your notes for easy reference later.  If the articles/notes from Steps 2, 3, &/or 4 are relevant, please do use them!  The outcome of this research will be an essay of 500-800 (one page, single spaced) words proposing a common immigration policy for Europe (as applicable) based on the needs of your chosen country, from the perspective of your country’s leadership. Your essay will be graded on the English Department Writing Rubric.

Note:  Hopefully you will know the words in your articles, but if you do not, it is my expectation that you will look up the words with which you are unfamiliar.  However, you do not need to complete a vocab chart for this step.

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Upper School Librarian

Assignment Checklist

Immigration Proposal Paper Checklist Rubric


Directions: Please use the checklist below as a guide to planning your research and writing your proposal paper.


Your task is to take on the persona of a governmental representative to the European Union from a Western European country of your choice. In your role, identify a single point of immigration policy and propose it as a part of a European-wide policy. You must identify political, economic, and social arguments to support your proposal. Additionally, you must identify and refute at least two valid counter arguments to your proposal from political, economic, or social viewpoints.



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