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IBO Extended Essay Guide

The Extended Essay According to the IB


What is ManageBac?

ManageBac is the  leading online learning platform for IB world schools. ManageBac enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication to parents and students. It allows our students to communicate with teachers more efficiently. Papers can be turned in and stored online. Students and advisors can track CAS activities online. Important deadlines can be communicated as well as messages from the Program Coordinators.
Attention Parents/Guardians
Your student will be expected to use Managebac - an online resource that helps students, teachers and administrators manage the many details of the IB programme. Your student will input their CAS hours, receive messages and communicate with their teachers and the IB coordinator, upload their TOK papers and much more. Please browse their site at


General Extended Essay Report, 2018

IB Prepared Study Guide for Extended Essay

The IB Prepared series of Study Guides includes this guide for the EE and is available in the Library IB reference section.  Use this to accompany your reading of the IB EE Guide.

Extended essay website (first exams 2018)

Find assessment examples in your subject area as well as advice from IB to help you write your essay.  Click the link below.

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