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G5 Ecosystems: Home

Support material for investigation into energy and ecosystems.

G5 Ecosystems


Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Define Ecosystems


An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscapes, work together to form a bubble of life.

Matter Energy Structure and Process

Matter and Energy

Matter is transported into, out of, and within systems.

  • How does energy/matter cycle through an ecosystem?
  • What does a plant need to grow?
  • How does its structure support the process?
  • What role do plants play within an ecosystem?


Ecosystem song

Cycles and Interactions

Cycles and Interactions

Cycles of Matter and Energy Transfer in Ecosystems through continuous interactions

  • What do we know about matter and energy?


  • What is the relationship between matter and energy and living things/systems?


  • What is a cycle?


  • Where do we see examples of cycles in the natural world?

Database with tons of information about plant and animal cycles. Use ZIS password to log in.

Video that explains an important cycle: The Nitrogen cycle



A model can be used to describe the components and  interactions within and between systems

  • How can models help us describe the cycles and interactions within a system?
  • What components both abiotic and biotic are essential to a healthy ecosystem? 
  • In your model where do you see interactions? Is it a closed system or is it interacting with other systems? How does it work?



Make your own ecosystem

Map of ecosystems

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