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LS G3 Past in the Present: Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Interactive map

What are some ancient Roman innovations?

Without the influence of the ancient Romans, would life still look the same today?

Image gallery

Roman Innovations: Overview

Roman Innovations: Overview

Roman Innovation: concrete

Was Roman concrete better?

Roman Innovations: Architecture

What are examples of cultural characteristics?

What are some examples of urban features from Roman times that still exist today?

Roman Innovations: Roads

How did the development of roads change human interaction?

A Day in the Life of Ancient Roman in Britian

Daily life of girls in the Roman Empire from TED ED

Roman Innovation: Urban Planning

How did Roman innovations support the development of cities?

Some questions to think about:

Imagine going back in time and living in a Roman town. What would you miss most? Why? 

Could you get used to the new life? Would it be better in any way? How

Roman Innovation: town layout (slides)

City walls for protection

Roman Innovations: Toilets

Roman Innovation: Entertainment and Information

How did the ancient Romans provide entertainment and information in their society?

Roman Entertainment: the Arena

The Roman Empire

The Romans

Ancient Rome for kids

Ancient Rome from BBC

Finding out more

More websites for further information

Databases with information about Ancient Rome

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