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US - English 9: Romeo and Juliet: Home

A LibGuide to support the reading and viewing of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.


Welcome Shakespeare's tale of love, loss and revenge.  Use this LibGuide to support your reading of Romeo and Juliet. This homepage includes links to resources that introduce  the play, but go further into the tabs to find many more resources.

Text and Audio from Lit2Go of Romeo and Juliet

Open Source Shakespeare Concordance

Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

This link provides a comprehensive study guide to Romeo and Juliet covering all aspects of the play.

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales

John Green's Crash Course on Romeo and Juliet Part 1

John Green's Crash Course on Romeo and Juliet Part 2

Romeo and Juliet in Modern English

Romeo and Juliet (Reduced Shakespeare Company)

A humorous and quick take on the play.

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