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Unit Essentials

Learners recognise that objects in our environment are made of different materials. By exploring materials we learn about their properties. Through hands-on projects children will be able to apply their knowledge of materials and their properties and the different ways they can be used.

Learners at this age are introduced to the beginnings of 'being a scientist' which leads into the work they will do in KG and above.

Lines of Inquiry

(Module Questions)

How would you describe this material? (What can you tell me about this material? What can you see?)

How is it the same or different to other materials you know?

What would happen to this material if you changed it - got it wet, crumpled it etc?

Guiding Questions

What is a material?

What are materials used for?

What do you know about these things?

What is the best material to use for…..? Why….? (Why not this….?)

Provocative Questions

How does learning about different materials help us?

What would we do without specific materials? - paper/ glass

Videos to watch with children

Recommended Books


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