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US - 1984 in English 10: Rebellion

A Libguide of curated information to support the comparison contrast essay assignment in English 10.


If you choose to write on the third topic, rebellion or what may also be referred to as activism, the focus of your paper will be solely on the novel.  However, you may be interested in exploring this page to consider issues raised when we strike back against injustice, oppression.or inequality.  The example given here  focusses on the Black Panther movement of the late Sixties and early Seventies.  Beyonce's recent Super Bowl half-time performance marked the efforts of this  activist group (freedom fighters or terrorists?)  to attain equality and security in the face of racial inequality in the American justice system.  In the face of a totalitarian regime such as portrayed by Orwell or a the unfair persecution of the American blacks what ends justify the means?

Evaluating Sources

Source Evaluation Checklist

Use this checklist which is adapted from the Cornell Digital Literacy Resource to evaluate the information sources you discover as a result of performing a search. Check the items in each of the following categories:


• What is the purpose or motivation for the source? (E.g., educational, commercial, entertainment, or promotional.)

• Is it trying to sell you something? How easy is it to differentiate advertisement from content in the source?

• Based on your knowledge, is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda?

• Who is the intended audience for the information, and how is this fact reflected in the organization and presentation of the material?


• Is the author identifiable?

• What is the author's background? (E.g., experience, credentials, and occupation, and has he or she published anything else on the topic?)

• Does the author cite his or her sources?


• When was the resource last updated or revised, and how often is it updated?


How stable does the resource seem to be? The resource’s dependability (particularly in the case of Web sites) is important if it is going to be cited as a source or recommended for use by others.

• For Web sites, do most of the links on the page work?

• From your evaluation of currency and authority, do you think the resource will be there the next time you visit it?


• What information is included or omitted?

• Is the resource completed or under construction?

These are not the only criteria you will need to look at. Depending on what your professor has asked you for and on your research needs, you may need to look for certain kinds of material. In academic research in particular, your professor may ask you to find scholarly, peer-reviewed, or primary sources.

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