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US - English 9 Research Romania: Romania and Communism

An English 9 research unit

Romania and Communism

Stage 1

Essential Question:

"In what ways did Communist government of Ceauçescu control their people and what lasting effects (both immediate and long term) might this have had on the Romanian people?"

The links and video below will help us to begin to address the above question

History and Politics

Romania and Social Issues

Top 10 Intriguing Facts About Romania

Children of the Decree

Please note that the following documentary films contain disturbing images of some of the abuse orchestrated by the Communist government of Nicolae Ceausescu.


Book Club

Carmen Bugan Lecture and Reading

BBC Documentary

The Man Who Went Looking For Freedom

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In 1983, Ion Bugan made a personal demonstration against the system in Romania in the midst of food shortages, electricity rationing, and surveillance of ordinary people by the secret police. He was jailed immediately. From then, until the day they left for America six years later, his family were followed by secret police wherever they went. Their friends and relatives were intimidated and interrogated.

Now, almost a quarter of a century after they left, the Bugans return to Romania for the first time to retrace Ion’s steps: the jails he was held in, the Securitate HQ where the thousands of files about them are kept, and finally back to their home village.
Presented by Carmen Bugan. Produced by Monica Whitlock.

Photograph by kind permission of Catalin Bugan.

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