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The stories of migrants

Movement of people shapes the world we live in today


Should all people be allowed to migrate and move freely across the globe?

What is migration?

Why do people migrate?

What are the causes and effects of migration?

Push and pull factors

Easy to read articles about migration.


Facts about migration

Did you know that 1 out of every 33 persons in the world moves from their country of birth to another country to live? (Infographic) Today, there are about 281 million migrants in the world.

More people move from one city to another as compared to moving from one country to another. For every person who moves from one country to another, there are four people moving from one city to another in the same country! This is called internal migration.


International Organization for Migration

Why people migrate

Books in your library

Definition of terms

Find definitions for the following key terms: 




Push Factor

Pull Factor
Internal migration
External migration

Asylum seeker

Forced Migration

Country of Origin


Brain Drain



Seasonal Migration

You can use these terms as keywords when searching our databases for more information on migration.


Impact of migration

Impact on Destination



  • Cheap labor

  • Skilled labor

  • Cultural Diversity



  • Employment

  • Discrimination

  • Pressure on infrastructure

  • Loss of culture and traditions

  • Disease


Impact on Home Country



  • Remittances (money sent home)

  • Knowledge and skill flow: short-term migration can bring innovative ideas back to the home country.



  • Loss of skilled labor: Brain drain

  • Population decrease can have an impact on the economy

  • Family

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