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This guide supports the Medieval Empires of West Africa unit in History 10.


Welcome to the Medieval Empires guide of West Africa.  This guide is designed to support your Social Studies 9 class work as you research this exciting period of history.  Browse the guide and you will find information about how to locate and use information for your task.

Google Scholar Searches

Boolean Searches

Use AND to find all your search terms
migrant AND labour AND remittances

Use OR to find any of your search terms
migration OR remittances

Search for exact phrases using quotations " " (this is important to prevent confusion with "economic development".)
“development economics”

Use truncation (*) to find different word endings and plurals
econom* finds economist, economic, economics, economy, economical

Use the Wildcard (?) to find variations in spelling
labo?r finds labor and labour

Use brackets ( )  for complex search statements
“development economics” AND (migration OR remittances)


Google Scholar Search

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