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New York Times Access

New York Times Instructions
New York Times Instructions

Digital Magazines


FLIPSTER is an easy to use digital magazine newsstand that allows access to top periodicals via smart devises and tablets.  This resource is available in the the Upper School Library through the I-pads on the magazine rack.  For information on how to use Flpster on a portable device or tablet please ask the Librarian. 




Whether you want to know if the right word for this season is autumn or fall, or when to use further or farther or familiarize yourself with the meanings of words like 'cattywampus' and the origins of 'gardyloo' - checkout at all.  Of course, the site is a great resource for looking up the meaning of specific words, but it also provides some fun and interesting facts about where/when words originated as well as word games, thesaurus, vocabulary builder and 'words of the day and week' lists (this week includes 'finsta' and 'culmination').  Have a browse and have some word fun.

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Our ZIS Secondary Library

Welcome Back!!!

ZIS Upper School Resources welcomes both new and returning students to the 2023/2024 school year.  Come check out our nearly 14,000 books and resource materials!

Welcome Back!!!

ZIS Upper School Resources welcomes both new and returning students to the 2023/2024 school year.  Come check out our nearly 14,000 books and resource materials!


The Upper School Resources is a multi-floor flexible space for students and teachers to interact, engage and share ides.  


The upper floor houses the Mother Tongue collection, magazines and provides seating for nearly 40 students in a well lit works space.   

Descending the stairs to the lower level brings students, staff and visitors to the non-fiction, fiction collections, table top games and plenty of seating for work or gathering with friends.  The stairway is also a flexible space where class meetings and presentations can be held in a coliseum setting. 

The specifically designated 'Quiet Room' is also located on the lower floor where students can utilize the environment for concentrated study.   

Librarian and volunteers are available to assist with locating materials, improve research skills and other information needs.  Having the IT department close by is also a benefit.

Resources such as Follett and Flipster continue to be available.

Whether it's browsing the shelves for academic or pleasure reading, doing research, collaborating or finding a quiet place to study, the ZIS Upper School Resources is a welcoming environment.

Welcome Back!!!

ZIS Upper School Resources welcomes both new and returning students to the 2023/2024 school year.  Come check out our nearly 14,000 books and resource materials!

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New Arrivals

New Books 

The ZIS Secondary School Resources been busy processing and getting new book arrivals ready to be placed on the shelves.  There is a variety of fictions genres as well as new non-fiction in the short list below and plenty of other titles that have been added to the collection.  Come in, browse the shelves, search electronically or ask the librarians for something new to read. 

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The ZIS Secondary Library Mission

  • To ensure learners grow as competent, ethical users and producers of ideas and information.
  • To prepare life-long learners who are effective communicators, critical researchers and problem solvers.
  • To collaborate and share with audiences beyond our school walls.
  • To model our school's mission and support learners in the pursuit of aesthetic growth and personal learning pathways.

Extended Essay

At the core of the IB Diploma Program is the 4,000 word extended essay.  The following link will take you to the ZIS EE LibGuide. Use this guide to access IB documents and ZIS advice for completing your extended essay.  Good luck to all IB Diploma students and don't forget to come into your US Library for any further research needs.

NHS Study Center in the Library

As the this year's academic workload starts to 'ramp-up', remember that the National Honors Society is here to assist.   

The NHS is in the process of creating a schedule for students to utilize the organization during the school year.  As that schedule becomes available, it will be published on many of the ZIS information portals. 
The ZIS chapter of the National Honors Society hopes to see you if you need any help!

Zentralbibliotek Zurich

Libraries are Beautiful

Want to visit a beautiful library but are unable due to travel restrictions?  CNN Style has complied a list of the world's most beautiful libraries you can visit electronically.  From Holland to the Czech Republic, South Korea to China, Venice, Italy, Baltimore, US and Oxford, UK, these libraries not only hold the history of knowledge but are wonders of architecture and design.

Admont Abbey, Admont, Austrisa

Closer to home - The Abbey Library of St. Gallen, located on the Southwest edge of the Bodensee, is worth the visit.  This Baroque hall was built between 1758 and 1767 under the direction of Peter Thumb, an Austrian architect from Bregenzerwald. Changing exhibitions of the valuable manuscripts and unique documents stored in the library's archives leave a lasting impression of the spiritual and cultural life of St. Gallen's abbey.  Besides the volumes of historical books and exhibits, a unique aspect of this library is that visitors are provided slippers to ensure the original wood flooring remain protected.

. Abbey Library of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

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