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Just in case you missed visiting author, Scottish mountaineer/adventurer, Jamie Andrew, he spoke this week about reaching attainable goals.  His inspiring background below -

As a result of an unexpected tragedy after completing the North Face of Les Droites in the French Alps, Mr. Andrew became a quadruple amputee.  Motivated to one day return to climbing, he rehabilitated and, despite having no hands or feet, continues to conquer not only many amazing ascents throughout the world but also the challenges of daily life.  "It’s my hope that my experiences and achievements may in some way inspire others to tackle the obstacles they face in life and to achieve their full potential."  To learn more about Jamie and his achievements visit  Or come to the library and check out a copy of Life and Limb, the true story of his tragedy and survival.




Google Doc Hints - Want to maximize your efficiency with Google Docs?  Hub Spot has listed 15 hints and shortcuts to aid users of the program.  Formatting, Research Tools, Footnotes and Review History are some of the ways to help with papers and projects.  There are efficiency tools such as Voice Typing and Keyboard Shortcuts (did you know that you can also create your own keyboard shortcuts?).  Also potentially useful are the Dictionary/Define and Language Accent Buttons. There's bound to be one of the 15 hints that could make doing homework just a bit more simple.


Featured Web Resource

SCIENCE RESEARCH reports that NASA has made available published research that the Space Agency has funded will now be accessible at no cost.  This new policy is beneficial to students who are doing science research.  Accessing the large database of information is simple.  Follow the link National Aeronautic Space Administration's Pub Space, type in a topic (ie. Climate Change, Kepler, Chandra X-Ray Observatory) to find the vast selection of peer reviewed articles.  The information is free, but don't forget to properly attribute your sources.


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What Have You Read?

I would like the Library to be the ‘heart’ of the school, the center of activity.  Hearing some level of noise from the library is comforting, it shows that students like being there.  Of course, it should have areas to work and study, there should be something for everybody.  It should be a place where students feel at home.” – John Switzer.

As a new feature on the Upper School Library Services web page, we will be speaking with US Faculty about what they have read that may influenced them personally or professionally, what was on their high school reading list or what they have recently read and for some possible recommendations for students.      

Upper School Library volunteer, Kevin Ostroske, sat down with Principal John Switzer to discuss his reading journey and the importance of reading.  

To say that Mr. Switzer has a voracious appetite for reading or that the collection of books he has read is eclectic, would be an understatement.  Find the complete interview here.

Alumni Reading

ZIS US Library is excited to feature libraries and reading from around the world sent in from our distinguished ZIS Alumni. Enjoy.

Not surprisingly, USC has more than one library, Raghav Maheshwari '16 sent along a photo of his favourite.  Any USC grads remember this one?


Featured Books of the Week

This week's Featured Books is a selection to correspond with this years' Day of Silence brought to you by SAGA and Amnesty International.  Students may be deciding to not speak on April 5th in order to echo the silence that individuals and groups have experienced either by being bullied called names, harassed, or otherwise mentally or physically abused.  Believing that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness, students are taking a stand and make us think about the voices that ARE NOT heard.  The books featured represent various groups and their plights ie: the impoverished, the abused, the handicapped.  Check one of them out over the coming break and give a voice to the voiceless.

The Upper School Library is an inviting learning space open to  the whole ZIS community. The growing collection of over 13,000 print books, magazines, ebooks, databases and DVDs offer quality information and entertainment.   The physical learning environment encourages individual and group studying, researching and reading.  Librarians are on hand to help with reader advisory, research skills and other information needs.


The ZIS Library Mission

  • To ensure learners grow as competent, ethical users and producers of ideas and information.
  • To prepare life-long learners who are effective communicators, critical researchers and problem solvers.
  • To collaborate and share with audiences beyond our school walls.
  • To model our school's mission and support learners in the pursuit of aesthetic growth and personal learning pathways.

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