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Download SORA. You will be asked to look for your school. Select Zurich International School. Using the dropdown menu, select lower school. You will be asked for a library number. This is your family name and library number (no spaces). You can borrow up to 3 items on each device. Parents who wish to create an account for themselves will need to e-mail Orlagh Ryan.

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Research Central

At our research hub you will find a collection of resources to help you be an effective inquirer in a digital world.

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Tutorials: A Help Page for Online Library

 All you need to know about accessing ZIS online library resources! These short self help videos will take you step by step through our e-books, databases and support services for parents.

Tutorials for parents and students

Library IT Team

Lower School Library/IT Team


Linda Maley, Head of Library Services

Orlagh Ryan, Librarian

Susan Hinebauch, Cataloger

Will Kirkwood, Educational Technology Coordinator

Connor Wellbourne Wood, Technician




The LS library is central to implementing, enriching and supporting the teaching and learning program of our school.

Each campus has a library and its own online catalog, which can be searched individually or as a group, using the Follett Destiny software -- see

Digital resources are shared between the campuses, using the Libguides toolkit -- see

Resources to help your child with research

Giving credit

While learning to create a bibliography, here are some basic agreements at ZIS. Click on this link to see what you should include as you learn about citing your sources.

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