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US - AP Seminar: Referencing and citing

Unit support for AP Seminar at ZIS

Useful Online Sites

In Text Citations, Paraphrasing, and Direct Quotes: A How To from Research Ready

Plagiarism Hell

What Awaits Every Cheater in the Plagiarism Hell? #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Citations and Style Guides Available in the Library

MLA 8th Edition

"The list titled "Works Cited" identifies the sources you borrow from - and therefore cite - in the body of your research project" 

The Core Elements of a work cited:

1. Author.

2. Title of source.

3. Title of container,

4. Other contributors,

5. Version,

6. Number,

7. Publisher,

8. Publication date,

9. Location.

Differences between the new MLA 8th edition and the 7th can be found on the UWF Libraries Libguides linked below.

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