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G4 Migration: Research Skills

The stories of migrants

Note-taking Skills

What do we need to know?

Questions to think about when you take notes:

Where did the person or people migrate from?

Where did they migrate to?

When did they migrate?

How many migrated?

Why did they migrate? (push and pull factors)

What were the effects of this migration?

What strategies can help us?

Developing questions

  • Questions help you to decide if the information is useful. 


  • Write down or draw your ideas about a topic 
  • Organize your information into categories

Creating a mind map

  • Put the main idea in the middle
  • Create branches for your ideas
  • Use pictures or symbols

Tools to help you:



Different ways to take notes

Organizing and sorting your information

Taking notes

  • use your own words
  • write keywords or phrases
  • notice text features such as captions,table of contents, index, glossary
  • use bullet points, lists
  • use abbreviations,drawings, diagrams and symbols

Strategies you could use

  • SQ3R
  • Trash and treasure
  • Cornell notes

Tools to help you stay organized


  • ZIS libraries subscribe to Easybib pro. It is a great tool to cite your sources (give credit), take notes and keep your information organized.

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