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ECC: Early Childhood Center

Welcome to the landing page for the ECC Library


In a rush?

Baby sleeping in the car?

No time to browse in our library?


To make it easier to access our library, we’re bringing books to you!


Outside our main entrance, on the covered porch, you will find a cupboard.

Inside this cupboard hang BAGS OF BOOKS!

Each bag has a mix of 5 books along with a bookmark which explains the theme.


Check a bag out by entering your name, date and bag number in the notebook in the cupboard.


Please don’t swap books between bags, but DO try to check-out all bags over time.


Return the bag to the blue book return house on the porch and check out a new bag of books!


All parents are encouraged to check-out up to 10 books, so you can still get more books, or a story bag, by visiting the library upstairs.


Check out a bag today!



Quick Links

Research Central

Overdrive Audio and e-books


Our library is for community use. Parents and carers are welcome to browse our titles and borrow books. Please do!



  • The front of the library holds non-fiction, parenting and non-English language titles.

  • The room through the rainbow streamers holds our fiction titles.

  • Story sacks, an interactive way to expand storytelling, are located in both rooms.

  • Please encourage children to choose books from the browse boxes. The red boxes are non-fiction titles. The brown boxes are fiction.



  • Please remind all children to be gentle with the books so that these treasures can be shared by many for a long time to come!

  • When adults are looking through the stacks (and we hope you will!), please use a shelf marker to remind you where to replace a book that you don’t choose to checkout.

  • Parents may checkout up to 10 books with the librarian or by using the self-checkout form which you can find on the desk.

  • You may checkout just 1 story sack at a time. These may only be checked out with the librarian, please.

  • Return all library books to the RETURNS box just inside the library door under the desk.

  • Please come back often!

  • Volunteer in the library. If you’re interested, please speak with Susan Hinebauch or email her at


Reading aloud to your children DAILY is crucial in helping them develop into lifelong readers!

Choosing to spend time with your child, reading books together, conveys the critical message that reading is important. When they see you put down your phone, step away from the computer, leave the cooking, cleaning or work you've brought home, to settle down to read  with them, they will recognize that reading is important!

Ask your child which book they've checked out from the library this week and ask to read it to him or her.

Look at the cover together - what do you think this might be about and why?

When reading, read for the joy of discovering a story together. Tell you child what you like in the story. Ask what they like. Delight in the pictures, the language, the characters. What interesting things have you learned? Read it again, and again, and again!

In the Library


The Early Childhood Center Library is central to the learning focus of the school and serves the whole community.

Our library has its own online catalog, which can be searched individually or as a group, using the Follett Destiny software -- Catalog

Digital resources are shared between the campuses, using the Libguides toolkit -- see Quick Links

Teacher Librarian


Susan Hinebauch, Teacher-Librarian

Ursula Gartenmann, Library Assistant

Welcome to the ECC library.  I serve as librarian for children in the Early Childhood Center. My hope is to inspire a love of stories and reading in our youngest children.  We have an outstanding Early Childhood Library that boasts an impressive collection of materials including fiction, nonfiction, mother tongue, and parenting resources. Our library in the villa on the shore of Lake Zurich is ideal for our youngest students.  Please come by and visit.

Helping in the Library

We are looking for people with big hearts!  

There are many ways you can help in our ECC library, here are just a few:

  • Shelving books
  • Helping children find books during class time
  • Planning special celebrations
  • Reading aloud 

If you think you would like to volunteer, please contact Ms. Linda.

Zurich International School
Steinarcherstrasse 140
8820 W├Ądenswil, Switzerland
+41 (0) 58 750 2500