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Tutorials: A Help Page for Online Library

 All you need to know about accessing ZIS online library resources! These short self help videos will take you step by step through our e-books, databases and support services for parents.

Tutorials for parents and students

Grade 4 Inquiry: The Human Body Systems

Research Central

At our research hub you will find a collection of resources to help you be an effective inquirer in a digital world.

All our databases are here

Need a login or password for a database or subscription service?

See Subscriptions using 'zis' login pswd.

For Teachers

Library Redesign

Library Redesign and Early Closing 

We will be closing our library early this year to prepare to welcome our Early Childhood students and merge our EC and LS collections. We seek to create a positive, stimulating environment where students are encouraged to learn and explore and where there is a sense of belonging. With the redesign we are creating areas specific to our youngest students' needs, while ensuring we appeal to all age groups we serve.


We will continue to provide quiet reading spaces, areas for small group collaboration, areas to accommodate whole classes and maintain the flexibility to adjust the space for larger events and guest authors. In order to do so, we will offer summer reading checkout earlier in the year, and then close the space to begin the redesign. We are excited about our plans, and hope you will enjoy the new space when it is revealed in August at the start of next school year.


Please pay close attention to our upcoming dates listed below.



May 16 - No Checkouts after this date until Summer Reading program.
May 20 - 24 - All Books Returned
All books must be returned in order to clear accounts for summer checkout.
No checkout this week, but classes can continue.
May 27 - 29 - Summer Reading Program 
Students are allowed 10 books for the summer.  We invite parents of Kindergarten to Grade 2 to join library sessions as summer reading books must be checked out on parent accounts.  However, most summer checkout takes place before and after school so if you choose not to join your child's class, there's still an opportunity to checkout books for summer.  It will be a busy time in the library!
May 30 Library Closed for Redesign - will reopen in August
This is when the magic happens.  We will be busy moving shelves and making space for our expanded collection.

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Summer Reading Program 2019

Summer is a great time to read.

ZIS LS library kicks off the summer reading program on May 27th to May 29th 2019. For more information click here.

Click on the links below for suggestions and top picks form our library. We wish you a relaxing summer full of reading.

Summer reading KG to G1

Summer reading G2 to G3

Summer reading G4 to G5

Summer reading "Oldies but goodies" for G4 to G5

Summer reading online

When traveling, you can download the Sora app and access our online library 24/7. You can access using your familyname and library number.


Library IT Team

Lower School Library/IT Team


Linda Maley,                                                    Head of Library Services

Orlagh Ryan, Librarian

Will Kirkwood, Educational Technology Coordinator

Victor La Madrid, IT Technician

Ursula Gartenmann, Central Cataloger





The LS library is central to implementing, enriching and supporting the teaching and learning program of our school.

Each campus has a library and its own online catalog, which can be searched individually or as a group, using the Follett Destiny software -- see

Digital resources are shared between the campuses, using the Libguides toolkit -- see

Resources to help your child with research

Giving credit

While learning to create a bibliography, here are some basic agreements at ZIS. Click on this link to see what you should include as you learn about citing your sources.

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